Review Policy

I'm always open to look at offers for books to read and review. I sadly do not read a lot of self published books. And mostly read books by authors I already know. But I'm always open to reading new books if they sound interesting enough. I am a picky reader, and I prefer reading young adult and middle grade books. I only ever read adult books if it's by an author I already know and love. I would read all type of genres, but I prefer fantasy and very rarely read contemporary. And love triangles are not for me. At all.

I prefer reading print copies of books as it's easier for my eyes and my head to focus on. But I would read ecopies too, if print isn't possible. I live in Norway and would love to get books to read and review shipped to me, but also understand how that is not always possible. I am open to considering all books for review.

You can email me here.

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