Saturday, January 14, 2017

In My Mailbox #272

I read two books this week, again :D Which means that I have now read 4 books this year. I'm happy about this. Yay. I was supposed to read something this weekend too, but haven't gotten my book in the mail yet, so taking a little bit of a break until it arrives. Hopefully on Monday :) Though I'm not at home on Monday. Ugh. So Tuesday is for reading. I'm excited. I also blogged a bit more this week, so yay :) This week I posted a Top Ten Tuesday. <3 I'm waiting on Beanstalker and other Hilarious Scarytales :) I then posted my third review of The Map to Everywhere. <3 And my second review of City of Thirst :D I haven't had the best health this week, but getting more medicine next week, so hopefully feeling better shortly :) Just waiting for the sun to come back, so that I can take lighter pictures again. Also waiting for it to be May again, so that I can get my spa bath back together :) It needs to be warmer out first. Sigh. Anyway. I did get a bit of gorgeous mail this week :D I'm in love with all of it. And I so love getting pop figures. <3

Flying Lessons & Other Stories. I only know one of these authors, Soman, but hoping to love all stories :D
Stormdancer + Ruin and Rising. Eee! Japanese editions :D They are both gorgeous. Love these books.
Brave + Frozen + Dragons + Moana. More books from movies that I love the most :D They are so cute.
Movies. I haven't seen any of these movies yet, ack, so I'm excited to watch them all pretty soonish :)
Pop Figures. Eee! More are arriving :D More coming too. I love all of these so, so much. So adorable.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. How did your cat get up that high. You got some interesting books and movies. Bad Moms looks really funny.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. Your cat is adorable! I love the tower. Those Japanese editions are really cool. =) I hope you enjoy all of your new books, Carina!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. I always love seeing your cat photos on Instagram :) She's a beaut. Hopefully she gets used to her new cat tree!


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