Friday, February 13, 2015

The Glass Arrow Blog Tour: Fill in the Blanks + Giveaway

I'm so excited to be a part of The Glass Arrow blog tour! Thank you Jean at Jean BookNerd for letting me take part in it. <3 I read this book a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. My four star review can be found here. <3 Today for my post I'm having a Fill in the Blanks with the author, Kristen Simmons :D Thank you for being amazing Kristen. <3 You are the bestest. There will also be this very amazing International giveaway at the end of the post :D Best of luck. <3 You can see the full tour schedule here.

Fill in the Blanks with Kristen Simmons.

1. The one thing I would not be able to live without is caffeine. And my family. Not in that order. Ha.

2. The song I listen to the most on repeat is Let it Go. (I’ve got a little guy, so…)

3. The food I love to eat the most while writing and reading is cupcakes. This is also my favorite snack for when I’m not reading and writing.

4. The TV-show I love the most is called Sherlock Holmes from the BBC! I love Benadict!

5. My favorite character to write about in The Glass Arrow was Kiran. He was so secretive challenging because of his inability to speak. I love him.

6. The book I love the most of all the books I have read is …omg so hard…I love The Raven Boys books so much right now. They’re ammmmmmmazzzzing.

7. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose a cabin in the mountains. Somewhere where it’s snowy and I can wrap up in a blanket and drink hot chocolate. And hopefully not get eaten by a bear.

8. Out of all the books I have written, my favorite character of them all is probably Kiran, but I love Aya so much, and of course, there’s Chase…I will always love Chase!  

Thanks so much for having me, Carina!

Huuugs. <3 Thank you so so much for answering all my questions Kristen. <3 I love them :D
You are amazing. And I adore your answers. I cannot wait to read more books by you. <3
Yay for loving Kiran the most. <3 I adored reading about him so much :D He's all kinds of awesome.
And yesss. The Raven Boys. <3 Sigh. Those books are amazing. One word for them: GANSEY.

The Handmaid’s Tale meets Blood Red Road in Glass Arrow, the story of Aya, who lives with a small group of women on the run from the men who hunt them, men who want to auction off breeding rights to the highest bidder.

In a world where females are scarce and are hunted, then bought and sold at market for their breeding rights, 15-year old Aya has learned how to hide. With a ragtag bunch of other women and girls, she has successfully avoided capture and eked out a nomadic but free existence in the mountains. But when Aya’s luck runs out and she’s caught by a group of businessmen on a hunting expedition, fighting to survive takes on a whole new meaning. 

Kristen Simmons is the author of the ARTICLE 5 series and THE GLASS ARROW (Tor Teen). She loves her family, Jazzercise, and chocolate cupcakes. She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Giveaway Rules/Details.
International. Must be 13+ to enter. Hosted by Jean.
5 Copies of Glass Arrow and Bookmarks by Kristen Simmons.
1 Winner will receive a Signed Copy of The Glass Arrow and Bookmark.


  1. I HAVE BEEN DYING TO READ THIS BOOK! Everything about this novel is just definitely amazing. Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway. xo

  2. hi this is my blog if you want to submit your next giveaways

  3. Very cool post Carina! Thank you for sharing! =D

  4. This was such a fun post to read, and that cover art is definitely gorgeous.

  5. This sounds like a fabulous book- just based on the comparison to The Handmaid's Tale (which I love). :) Awesome cover too! I really like the interview too. I must read The Raven Boys! :)

  6. Aww, Kristen! <3 I loved this book, and I love this author :D

    Excellent post, Carina (and Kristen)!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  7. I awn participating :) good luck to everyone and it is our a cute right? ;3

    Seguindo o Coelho Branco

  8. That was SO much fun! I love the idea of fill in the blanks! I will have to keep that in mind for my next author interview. :D
    KIRAN. Yes. He's my favorite character of hers too. And I love me some cupcakes! :P
    Thank you for sharing this, C!

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