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Review: Champion by Marie Lu

I feel like I have waited forever for Champion; waiting to find out how it all ends. I'm not sure how to write this review of mine. Have ended up giving it a four stars, but ohh. I have so many conflicted feelings. Will share them all. First it will be a spoiler free review, though, so no need to worry about that :)

I don't know how to start, though. On the one hand, this sequel was pretty amazing. But on the other, it gave me so much heartbreak and I'm not sure I will be able to deal with it. The book is told from the point of view of Day and June; like in the first books. Which is awesome. The writing is perfect.

What bothered me a bit is that the book starts 8 months after the end of Prodigy. With Day and June in different places. That broke my heart. And I don't count that as a spoiler, as it happens in the first page. But oh, it's just.. one of the thing I hate the most is when the couple is separated. I hate it when a lot of time goes by with them apart. Which happened in the beginning. For eight whole months. Broke my heart. Sniffs.

But it's not that bad. Not really. Well, fine, I may not be able to forgive it. But maybe distance was good for Day and June. Day got to spend time with his younger brother, Eden. Which was the best. Because Eden is adorable and we get to see a lot of him in this book. Though he still breaks my heart. I feel so sorry for him. And his eyes. Poor boy. But oh, Day cares so much for him. They are all that's left of their family. Which is even more heartbreaking. But still, I love their bond because it's sweet and honest.

Day is still my favorite character. I love reading his point of view so much. Sigh. He's just adorable. But oh, he is still so broken because of his family. And his illness from book two. That broke my heart. That poor boy. But he is still strong. And kind and loving. Day is an amazing person and I loved reading about him so much. Makes me sad that the books are over, because I really want to read more about Day and his life. And June. Probably. Because I adore her as well; almost as much as Day. She is pretty awesome.

I just, I don't know how to talk about this book. Going to say a few more spoiler free things. Then I need to say some spoilery things. There will be a warning first, though. Anyway. The story in Champion is still amazing. Because this was an amazing book. We learn more about the Republic and the Colonies. We even learn a bit about another country; which I kind of loved though I'm not sure how I felt about that place. It was a bit weird to read about, but I'm sure I could grow to love it. Most likely. Probably not.

Anyway. There are a lot of amazing characters in this book. Most I loved. Loved getting to know new people as well; Lucy was sweet. But oh, I still kind of really hate Anden, the Elector. I don't care for him. And I hate that he care for June. It just isn't fair. Sigh. But there isn't a love triangle. Kind of. There is some really sweet romance between Day and June. They have a few moments. But not enough. Oh, how I wish there had been more. Sobs. But it was so sweet and I adore them both so, so extremely much.

That must be all I have to say that are spoiler free. I think. I just can't really think that much right now because I'm not done feeling all the things. Champion was amazing, though I'm upset about the ending. But either way. I'm glad I read this book. I'm glad I read the whole series and Legend will always have a special part in my heart. This one too. I cannot wait to read more books by Marie Lu, because I adore her as a person and author. She's awesome. And I do love the way she tells a story. Most of the time :D 

Now begins the SPOILERS. Do not read unless you want to know or have finished Champion :)

I'm trying so hard to be strong about this book. But I'm failing. Because my god. I don't think I can forgive that ending. It was so cruel and heartbreaking and for me, personally, is was even worse than Allegiant. And although no one dies in this book, it may have been worse for me. I get what June did at the end, when Day lost his memories of her. I understood her. She wanted him to be able to let go of the pain of knowing that she killed his family. Even though he loves her almost more than anything.

I just. I can't believe she let him walk out of her life without him knowing anything about who she is. It broke my heart. And while I may love her for it, because she did do a good thing, I hate her for not letting Day decide for himself. I hate her for taking that choice away from him. And holy crap. The last chapter. Ten freaking years had passed. Ten! I can't believe it. And that is why I hate June for what she did. How can Day forgive that if he ever remembers her again? :( I wouldn't be able to let it go.

But then, I also may have been okay with those ten years passing with no Day and June together.. if I hadn't gotten to know how June spent those ten years. Who she spent many of them with. I hated that. More than anything. Because she spent more time with him than she spent with Day. And that breaks my heart because it isn't fair. She should have trusted Day to be able to love her even though he knew that she had his family killed. It just.. I'm not getting over it. I'm sorry. But oh, I hate it. Hate it so much.

I don't have the heart to deal with this. I just wish it had been different. But I can't just hate it, because I also thought it was pretty amazing. And the ending is sort of hopeful; with Day and June meeting again. And him almost remembering her. I have hope. But damn it. I need to know. I need to know how long it will take and how he will react to the fact that she let him go. For ten years. Sobs. I'm sorry. It just hurts my heart and it's making me cry because it breaks my heart as well. But still. I loved it.


  1. I have heard so much about this series, and seriously need to start. I think that I would really like Day

  2. I don't know how you do it, Carina. Sigh. You are so brave. :)

  3. I'm waiting for this in the library so will skip the spoiler parts. Thanks for waring us about them. I can't wait to read this and will have to wait to see if I agree with you.

  4. I couldn't help but read the spoilers. Well, I guess this is another series I won't be finishing. WTH is up with these authors? No thanks. :(

  5. I avoided the spoilers since I haven't even read Legend! But now that the full trilogy will be out, I must move it up on the TBR list!
    Thanks a lot for a great review as always, Carina!

  6. I always appreciate your reviews and your honesty. I am glad you loved this one, but boy- does it sound sad! Hard to get started reading knowing how sad it is! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm not even kidding, I cried at the end of this book. I was in tears.

  8. I got about halfway through this one and decided to set it aside for a week or two, so I haven't finished it yet. Thanks for marking the spoilers so clearly--I've been trying SO HARD to avoid them.

    I've been bracing myself for disappointment. Fingers crossed.

    Kate @ The Midnight Garden

  9. I can't wait to finish this series as it's been one of my favorites-I hope I love it!

  10. Read this very soon so I won't read your review yet, but I peeked at your rating. YAY for 4 stars! :D

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  11. You know that I have mixed thoughts about the ending too! I keep wondering if I would have been happier if less time had passed? Ten years is a LONG time. Too long for comfort. :( But I agree that it's nice that it is sort of hopeful too... so I'm still quite conflicted. Overall though, I think this will be getting the same rating from me, as I loved the majority of it. Great review, Carina!

  12. I thought the ending was perfect, and June walking away was the right choice for Marie Lu to write even though it was heartbreaking. Really, it would have been unrealistic for Day to wake up and he and June would pick up and begin their happily ever after as if they do not in fact have all of this grief and guilt baggage between them about her role in his family's destruction. And for her to tell him right there who she is and remind him of everything that happened, well, while he deserves to know the truth about everything and know all about what happened in his life, how awful would it have been for June to deliver those painful memories back to him like that? No, this ending was better.

  13. I just finished this final book and immediately went online to vent it a bit. Your review reflects mine completely. The ending although killing is still amazing. Good review thanks for writing it


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