Saturday, June 16, 2018

In My Mailbox #345

Another week gone by. So so very fast. I managed to read one book this week, at least, so yay for that :) Though I did spend a whole week without reading anything. Ahh. I hate having so little energy. But soon. I shall get better. The medicine is somewhat working, and I think and hope that with only a few more doses things will start getting better. Fingers crossed. I did not get to blog a lot this week. Only two posts. This week I'm waiting on Beneath the Citadel. <3 And I shared my review of My Plain Jane :D I also got a ton of gorgeous book mail, eee. Lots of ARCs for trade :D I'm so in love with all of them. <3 So so so happy. I still have so little energy, so I'm still forever behind on things, ahh. But will try my best to get things done. Soonish. I also very very much want to re-watch all the Lord of the Rings movies again, the extended editions, always :D Shall do it this coming week, I think. Love those movies so much. Sigh. And shall be reading a lot more too. I must. Have many books that need to be read, haha :) Also, if you are reading this, please do take the time to leave a comment. <3 Would mean so much to me. Almost all my posts these days get zero comments. I mean, I have only gotten four comments in all of June. Ack. I get that people are busy. <3 But, well, I'm still getting the same amount of pageviews, so it's a bit confusing too. Oh, well. I shall always continue blogging, though :) Despite always shitty health, I had a good week. <3

Shadow of the Fox + Sea Witch + Aftermath + The Masked Truth. Eee! Love all of these so so so much :D Thank you the most for trading with me Kelly. <3 SO excited to read Shadow of the Fox shortly :D Eee.
Renegades. Ahh! Love! UK ARC :D My collection is growing so well. Thank you so much Sarah-Jane. <3
Spectacle + Grisha Pins. Eee! Thank you so much Theresa :D I am thrilled with these. So so so much. <3
Our Dark Duet. Yay for the US paperback finally being out. Excited to read the new exclusive scenes in it.
Iron Tide Rising. The gorgeous UK paperback edition :D Must read this final book very soon. I'm nervous.
Onyx & Ivory Swag. Yay! Thank you Mindee :D Stunning swag pack for the Relay group. I love it all. <3
Pop Figures. Eee, my Miraculous Ladybug pop figures finally arrived :D And gosh, they are all so perfect.

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Review: My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand & Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows

This book was all kinds of great and fun. Well, maybe not all fun, because it broke my heart a whole lot of times too. Rude. But it was such an amazing story. And I enjoyed it so very much. Ever since reading My Lady Jane, I have so been looking forward to more books by these authors. And I cannot wait for even more.

Giving this one four stars, as I felt there were a few small things that could have been done a little better. But for the most part, I very much enjoyed this book. I loved the characters very much. They were awesome to read about. The ending was incredible too. Only wishing that it had been longer. Wanted to know more.

This book is a story told from three point of views. Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte and Alexander Blackwood. And oh gosh, how I loved all three different views. They were all so awesome to read about and I just adored all three to pieces. Though, to be honest, Charlotte and Alexander were my favorites, ack. Jane mostly just hurt my heart, haha. But I did grow to love her. Shall not write too much in this review of mine. Will try my best to share why I loved this story. First I shall mention that I very much enjoyed the writing in this one. It was so great at all times, and things were written really well. This book is a somewhat retelling of Jane Eyre. Which I know nothing about, haha. But it is not needed to know either. This book is a historical ghost story adventure. So good.

This book tells the story of Jane and Charlotte and Alexander. It is also a story filled with ghosts. And I loved that very much. It begins at school, where Jane is a teacher and Charlotte is a student. There has just been a murder. And someone is coming to check the school for ghosts. Which is not good for Jane, because she has been able to see ghosts ever since she was little. She even has a ghost friend, Helen. And I very much liked her. So much happens in this book. I shall not mention most of it. It was so good.

The character I loved the most in this book was Charlotte. She is sixteen years old and she was all kinds of adorable. She loves writing, and is writing down almost everything for a story. I adored that about her. She has horrible eyesight, and wears her spectacles on a wand. Which caused trouble a lot of times. She was the kindest and sweetest person and I just loved her so much. I so so loved getting to know her and reading about what she wanted out of life. She was not scared of speaking her mind. She was the best.

And Alexander. Sigh. I loved this boy so very much. He is the star agent of ghost hunting. And reading about how he does that and such was so interesting. And I just loved reading about his life and getting to know him. There is much to love about Alexander. Like how he is looking for revenge, as his father was murdered when he was four years old. Alexander also has a ghost hunting partner, Branwell. And gosh, he was all kinds of awkward and fun. I liked reading about him a whole bunch. They were both awesome.

Though Charlotte was my favorite, I did love Jane too. Though she was a bit more difficult to love, as I did not like some of her choices. Like how she did not tell Charlotte the most important part of her life. How she did not trust her enough, yet they were supposed to be best friends. And I felt like Jane treated her poorly later on in the book too, and that just broke my heart a little. But she got better, and I'm so happy about that, because it made me care for her more. I very much liked the friendship between these girls.

Jane was so complicated, though. Her story is about how she just took on a job as a governess. And how she falls in love with the master of the house right away. He is twice her age. And is most likely about to be engaged. He is also angry a lot, and not very nice at all. I did not approve of her crush. Hm. But it was written well, and I did like reading about Jane. Just, heartbreak too. Jane deserved a whole lot better. Her story is not a love story, though, and there is no romance for her. Aw. A lot of complicated things, though.

There is so much going on with this story. Secrets about Jane and where she is now living. Getting to know more about Alexander and his work. And all the ghosts. And reading about Charlotte and Alexander maybe having feelings for each other, eee. That was a romance I very much loved. It was small, but was also so stunning. And I shipped them the very most. There is so much I could say about this book, but my mind is going blank. I do not want to spoil anything that happens. I simply very much enjoyed this story.

My Plain Jane was everything I wanted it to be. Full of amazing characters and a stunning ghost story adventure. I had a few small issues with it at times, where I felt like more could have been happening, and that Jane's story should have been more. But my issues were not big. And this book was all kinds of awesome. And I am so glad that I read it. Cannot wait to read the next book by these amazing authors. It shall be so good. If you have not ordered this book, then you very much should. You are going to love it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Waiting on Wednesday #348

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.


Goodreads Description:

In the city of Eldra, people are ruled by ancient prophecies. For centuries, the high council has stayed in power by virtue of the prophecies of the elder seers. After the last infallible prophecy came to pass, growing unrest led to murders and an eventual rebellion that raged for more than a decade.

In the present day, Cassa, the orphaned daughter of rebels, is determined to fight back against the high council, which governs Eldra from behind the walls of the citadel. Her only allies are no-nonsense Alys, easygoing Evander, and perpetually underestimated Newt, and Cassa struggles to come to terms with the legacy of rebellion her dead parents have left her — and the fear that she may be inadequate to shoulder the burden. But by the time Cassa and her friends uncover the mystery of the final infallible prophecy, it may be too late to save the city — or themselves.

Hardcover, 480 pages
Expected publication: October 9th 2018 by Amulet
Pre-Order here and here

I have seen so many people be excited about this book. And I could not help but feel the same, seeing that gorgeous cover :D And the summary sounds so exciting too. I'm crossing all my fingers that this book will end up being awesome. <3 Wishing to love it. And I think that I will. Cannot wait to read and own it :D
What are you waiting for on this ancient Wednesday?

Saturday, June 9, 2018

In My Mailbox #344

Honestly, where are the days going? Feels like it is always Saturday, haha. Time is moving so fast. This week I got to read a bit at least, so yay for that. But not good books. Ugh. I need to read an amazing one. And so I'm starting My Plain Jane next, which I hope will be perfect. Fingers crossed. I got new medicine on Thursday, and gosh, how I hope it will help, finally. Stomach feels a little better, I think, but not much. Fingers crossed for the next days. Ahh. I need to feel better already. Hmph. I blogged a little this week. <3 I shared my review of Cuckoo Song :) This week I'm waiting on Last of Her Name. <3 I took part in the blog tour for The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik :) Which I also then read and reviewed. This week has gone by fast, yet so incredibly slow too. I'm goddamn tired of being sick and in pain all the time. It sucks. But dealing with it. Probably. Hoping to start reading again tonight :D Or just maybe finally watch some movies. Hmm. Well, re-watch, haha. Also got a bunch of gorgeous mail this week, eee. I'm in love.

Furyborn. Thank you so much Foggy Pine Books :D Loved ordering from them. <3 Stunning hardcover.
Legendary. I now own book one and two, and must read them one day, haha. Looks so gorgeous though.
His Dark Materials. I could not resist buying this new copy of all three books in one. It is just awesome.
Vicious. I had to get this new hardcover edition, eee, I just had to. This cover is simply beautiful. I love it.
Quests for Glory. Eee, paperback edition :D With four chapters of book five. Ahhh. I loved them so much.
Hotel Transylvania. Eee, new books :D Could not resist. So cute. Dying for this third movie this summer.
Furyborn. Yesss. My personalized copy from Books of Wonder :D Thank you so much Claire. <3 Love.
Furyborn. Ahh. Audiobook. Expensive. And I do not like this hard and big version of audios. Ack. So I'm a bit upset about it. Aw. I like those smaller ones that are not made of plastic. Hmm. Still, I do love my copy.
The Adventures of John Blake. Couldn't resist buying the new paperback edition too :D I love Philip so.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik Blog Tour: Review

So excited to be taking part in this awesome international blog tour today :D I'm sharing my review of The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold. It was my first book read by this author, and I do not know much about him. But he seems great. Have you read any of his books yet? Huge thank you to Penguin Random House International for letting me take part in this amazing international blog tour. And for sending me a free copy of the ARC version of the book to read and review. Despite my mixed feelings for this book, I am glad that I gave it a try. And I am sure that so many of you are going to love this book. It was simply not really for me. But that cover is gorgeous. And parts of the book was still pretty great :)

I do not know where to start with this book. When I got invited to take part in the international blog tour for it, I could not help but say yes. Because that cover is all kinds of stunning and I found the summary to be interesting too, even though I do not read a lot of contemporary books. But I wanted to give it a chance. As I have loved a few books from this genre. And so I had hopes for this book. It is breaking my heart a little to say that all those hopes were crushed. As I did not like this one much at all. For so many reasons.

Honestly do not know how to put my thoughts about this book into words. It is a two star read for me. So wish I could say that I loved it, but I very much did not. But I also did not hate it, and I'm happy about that. But oh, I have so many thoughts about this book. Shall try my best to share most of them, without sharing spoilers and still writing down all of my feelings. This book tells the story of Noah and his life. It has some surprises, and some friendships. But mostly it was all kinds of boring and just about nothing happened.

Will begin with my thoughts about the writing. In some ways, the writing was great. But I did not like it one bit. Because of the way Noah was thinking and acting. I did not like it at all. It was a bit annoying and hard to read. Though the book did not take that very long to finish. But it was all a bit too much, I think. Noah is sixteen years old. He is different from just about everyone, of course. He does not drink, he is a virgin by choice, he reads lots of history and things like that, and knows so much. Just. Ugh. A bit too much for me.

I wish I could say that I loved Noah. But I did not. I didn't even like him. But I did enjoy learning his story. I just did not like any parts of it, haha. I felt like he was written to be too much different. And to me, that did not work well. His family was kind of interesting. I liked his little sister, Penny. And their dog. His parents were mostly okay. They were just boring, honestly. Noah is amazing at swimming, and could get a good college. But he does not want to swim. And so he is faking a back injury. Yeah. That was not really okay.

And his whole life is kind of going down hill. He did not seem happy. Despite having two amazing best friends. I loved Alan and Val so much. Well, most of the time. They were such great friends, and I wish there had been more of them. Hmph. Anyway. The plot. First we get to know Noah, then there is a party where he gets really drunk. And follows a strange boy home. Where he gets hypnotized. And when he wakes up the next morning, things are different. His mom has a scar. And other things have changed too.

Just about all of this book is about that. Noah and his life. How things changed after he got hypnotized by this strange boy. How he is trying to deal with it, with so much being wrong, and he being the only one to know that. Then there was his Strange Fascinations too. He is obsessed with four things currently. They take a big part of this book too. Not going to describe any of it, just that it was kind of interesting. I liked reading about the old guy and his life. But oh, so very little happened in this book. Most of it was boring.

And I have already written way too much in my review. Without really sharing what happens at all. Ugh. Because there really was not much going on in this book. I tried to like it. But I did not like Noah. Did not like his way of thinking, his way of living. The plot lasted forever, and nothing happened. I wanted more exciting moments. There isn't even romance. And that was so disappointing too. Felt like it could have at least been a little better if there had been some romance. Hmph. Just, yeah. This book fell short for me.

Then there was this ending. I liked the last fifty pages of this book more than all the other pages. The ending was pretty great. I must admit to having been spoiled about what happened, but I shall not spoil anyone else. It was still shocking and different and I liked it a lot. I thought this would change my rating from two stars to three stars. But then the rest of the ending happened. And I was not pleased with it at all. I wanted someone to get punished. That did not happen. I wanted more, simply put. I'm disappointed.

And so I am giving The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik two stars. This was not a book for me at all. But it was also not the most awful book I have read. Because I was curious from start to finish. I did want to know what would happen next. I just did not like any of it, haha. And I think a whole lot of people might love this one. I'm curious to know what you all think of it. Huge thank you to PRH International for sending me a free copy of this book to read and review for the blog tour. Wish I could have loved it more.

This is Noah Oakman → sixteen, Bowie believer, concise historian, disillusioned swimmer, son, brother, friend.

Then Noah → gets hypnotized.

Now Noah → sees changes: his mother has a scar on her face that wasn’t there before; his old dog, who once walked with a limp, is suddenly lithe; his best friend, a lifelong DC Comics disciple, now rotates in the Marvel universe. Subtle behaviors, bits of history, plans for the future—everything in Noah’s world has been rewritten. Everything except his Strange Fascinations . . .

A stunning surrealist portrait, The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik is a story about all the ways we hurt our friends without knowing it, and all the ways they stick around to save us.

The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik is published by Viking Books for Young Children. 
International ISBN: 9780451480477.

David Arnold lives in Lexington, Kentucky, with his (lovely) wife and (boisterous) son. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Kids of Appetite, Mosquitoland, & The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik, which has been optioned for film by Paramount. His books have been translated into over a dozen languages. Learn more at and follow him on Twitter @roofbeam and Instagram @iamdavidarnold.

Where to find David Arnold: